Help us preserve and interpret Stephansson House!

Stephansson House is always looking for artifacts to furnish our historic building in order to represent how the Stephanssons lived in 1927.

Our artifacts are carefully selected to furnish our historic building to look the same as it did in the past. Some of our furnishings are original to the family, while others are chosen to represent those original furnishings. Even items in poor condition, if rare, may provide valuable information to help us furnish our building accurately. In some instances, objects are borrowed so they can be documented and reproduced.

While many items are needed, we are not able to accept everything. If you have an item that you think will help us furnish our building and tell the story of the Stephanssons, let us know and we will tell you if it meets our specific furnishing requirements.

If you are interested in donating historic items, or have items to show, please contact Joy Schellenberg, Curator. It is recommended you attach a photo of your item to your email.