Stephan G. Stephansson – Poet of the Rocky Mountains – was born in Iceland in 1853.

In 1889, he brought his family to Alberta near what is now the Markerville area. Within the view of the Rockies, he homesteaded with his family, farming by day and writing by night. Stephansson’s prolific literary output has helped make him one of the greatest poets in the western world.

The Stephansson home is a snapshot in time. With costumed interpreters helping bring this story to life, you’ll find beautiful original furnishings, a wood-burning stove, newspaper wallpaper, a serene landscape, the smell of baking, and, of course, the poetry of Stephan Stephansson himself.



Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Stephansson House Provincial Historic Site.

As we work towards our 2024 summer opening, we are looking for volunteers to assist us in a number of areas: special events, program preparation, gardening, administrative support, research, translation (which can be done remotely!) and more.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at Stephansson.House@gov.ab.ca.

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Thank you for your interest.

Our seasonal position posting is now closed and we are in the process of hiring our summer 2024 team.

A staff member in 1920s costume takes a tray of cookies out of an old-fashioned wood-burning oven.